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Botanical Pounding

A lifelong passionate gardener and trained landscaper I have adjusted to living apartment life with only a balcony of flowers, herbs and a tomato plant, I was intrigued by a mention of flower pounding. I found very little instruction on the web so I began to experiment.

I found it to be a mindful experience in which I discovered new aspects of flowers and non-flowering plants. For example, flowers from woody plants, such as roses do not pound well and have none of the vibrancy of the flower. Bright plants with strong pigment that have stained my gardening clothes, such as day lilies are too moist and when pounded, create nothing but a big wet splat! I grow my own flowers and colorful non-flowering plants, or pick weeds, herbs, tree seedlings and tree blossoms, therein creating the term botanical pounding.


Botanical Pounding Process

Choosing the color scheme of the botanicals, I compose the print by laying the plant materials on watercolor paper in a tentative composition. Because each pound creates a unique result, I must be flexible in my composition planning.. Then I lay individual botanicals on the paper, either face down or face up, cover it with wax paper, and pound with an ordinary hammer until the botanical has left the best possible imprint, leaving pigment in the paper, keeping the composition from fading. When my composition is complete, I add touches of black or gold archival art marker to define edges. 


Botanical Pounding Formats

My original Botanical Poundings are available for sale in the following formats

  • cards,  5x7" with envelopes, blank inside

  • prints of all sizes, 

  • matted or framed, or unmated and framed.

  • Custom work

    • I am happy to discuss custom sized and themed prints, with the understanding that the botanicals determine the success of a print. I may tell you the plant or flower you desire doesn't pound well.​

  • I am working on high quality printed packages of five different Botanical Pounded note cards 4.5" x 5.5" with envelopes. All cards are blank inside.

  • Please explore what is currently available and the format of each print as described.


Art Shows

My work is currently displayed at the Art Center in Dover, NH. Please contact me to discuss showing my work in a local gallery.


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