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Aleka Artemis Munroe has always needed to express herself with words. At age 10, as her father forced his narcissistic interpretation of reality on his family, she began photographing with a Brownie camera, recording reality and writing poems expressing her perspective.


Aleka’s linguistics and foreign languages education etched words into her soul. After careers in banking, training, then teaching, a brain injury, and raising a theatrical and musical family where words were essential tools, her fifties hit hard with the chaos of a failed adoption, multiplying autoimmune illness and the hard reality of being physically unreliable to work due to disability.

Her creativity, comedic family, friends, and prayer, pulled her through. Aleka believes God gives her the strength to get through pain, sorrow and suffering, to live, love, laugh, and especially to reach out to others who are struggling to choose between despair and courage, connection and disconnection.


Mindfulness helps Aleka move through the uncertainty of autoimmune flares and she endeavors to help others using her creative tools.

Aleka Professional Protrait March 2021 w
Glow on ice Indian Lake.jpeg

Aleka Artemis Mindful Arts

  • Mindfulness training sparked a renewal of using photography and words to envision alternate interpretations of scenes in her limited physical world with her camera lens and lyrical meditations. This developed into Compasspoints: maxims for clearing the chaos in our cages.

  • A lifelong gardener, COVID and Aleka's balcony flower garden, unleashed and experimental art project that took off with sales: Botanical Pounding.

  • Aleka is finishing a lyrical photographic book entitled “I am Water,” an allegorical tale of being the water that constantly flows on toward the unknown of the ocean, despite the obstacles in its path.

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