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Maxims for Clearing the Chaos in our Cages

Mindfulness is the Intentional Process of Paying Attention without Judgement to the Unfold


Do you wish to be headed to your true north but obstacles are impeding you? Are you headed in the right direction but are uncomfortable or distracted by what you are experiencing along the way?  

We can't always change where we are in our lives—aging, illness, people in our lives, finances—I call these obstacles the chaos in our cages. I've learned through my camera lens that we can change our perspective on where we are in our journeys.

Mindfulness changes our perspectives. Compasspoints maxims are my tool to lead you to make your own mindful perspective changes.

About Aleka's Compasspoints

My camera lense aided me in finding minfulness


I shoot visual moments, when I encounter them. At times the words—maxims—come to my immediately, sometimes they come to me when I edit the photo. Not every Compasspoint impacts each person, and that is good. Connecting with a particular Compasspoint has more to do with where one is in life at that moment.

My chaos was within me, my multiplying chronic autoimmune illnesses, my sense of unworthiness due to disability. My chaos was also in my periphery: people who created chaos around me. That exterior chaos added to my physical stressor. I had to do something about it.

Ironically by focusing on details in my lens I could let go of the minutiae in my life that was creating unhealthy perspectives.

In my process of developing Compasspoints Maxims, I developed a sense of worthiness. When I shared them, people commented on how they impacted them.

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A Compasspoint Maxim Creation


After I learned to use my camera lens to isolate interesting photos, I noticed my eyes were zooming into small details as I walked in my small city,  Then I life my camera and shoot. This whimsical photo is an example of someone else's humor that lifted my spirit, and yours, I hope. 

I knew as I shot it, this would be a great Compasspoint maxim. It demonstrates the concept of alternative perspectives.

I consider the possible stories. Why were the googly eyes on the brick path? Did a child spill their craft project?  Did someone place them there for fun? Or I could take an unhappy approach, "Ugh, litter."

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